Speech & Language

Speech refers to the verbal means of communicating and includes articulation (how sounds are formed and produced), voice (breathing and the movement of vocal cords to produce sound), and fluency (the rhythm and flow of speech).

Language is made up of a set of rules which determine how words are used for example, knowledge of vocabulary (what words mean), morphology (how words can be changed to make new words e.g. want, wants, wanted, wanting), syntax (how words are used together), pragmatics (social use of language), and semantics (how different combinations of words can change the meaning and intent). Language can also be divided into receptive (what we understand) language and expressive (the use of language to communicate) language. (ref; ASHA 2014) Communication disorders can affect speech or language, or both simultaneously. Speech and Language problems can have a significant impact on all areas of development and all aspects of life.

Speech & Language in children

Speech, Language & Swallowing in Adults


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